Month: July 2017

Cyber Insurance and the Vulnerability Assessment Connection

As corporations begin to look at ways to mitigate risk in cyber attacks, the insurance industry has stepped forward to fill a gap.  At PatchAdvisor we have begun a partnership with GovTech’s cyber insurance group, in part because we believe we can greatly assist its clients in vulnerability assessments, therefore reducing unnecessary risks.  We encourage […]

July 25, 2017

PatchAdvisor Speaks at Louisville, KY Tech Conference “TALK”

PatchAdvisor’s CTO, Chris Goggans, spoke at the Technology Association of Louisville, Kentucky (“TALK“) on Thursday, June 15th.  The crowd was highly engaged in the discussion covering PatchAdvisor’s methodology of Vulnerability Assessment and case studies from the field.  There were many national speakers in attendance and an appearance by Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor, Jenean Hampton.  The following details […]

July 10, 2017