PatchAdvisor Speaks at Louisville, KY Tech Conference “TALK”

PatchAdvisor’s CTO, Chris Goggans, spoke at the Technology Association of Louisville, Kentucky (“TALK“) on Thursday, June 15th.  The crowd was highly engaged in the discussion covering PatchAdvisor’s methodology of Vulnerability Assessment and case studies from the field.  There were many national speakers in attendance and an appearance by Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor, Jenean Hampton.  The following details the itinerary of the day:

8:30 AM, Registration and Networking over Coffee (Registered Guests and Walk-ins Will Be Accepted)

9 AM Keynote: “The Importance of Cybersecurity in Our Workforce and Corporate Worlds,” Rodney Petersen, Director, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

10 AM: “Case Studies in Network Vulnerability Assessments,” Chris Goggans, CIO of PatchAdvisor

11 AM: “Cybersecurity and Its Implications on Trade,” Robert Brown, Attorney-At-Law, Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman, P.S.C.

Noon Lunch Networking – Box Lunch Available / Optional

1 PM: “The Unveiling of the State’s New Cyber Education Pathway for K-12”–Kevin Nolten, National Cyber Innovation Center; Ryan Deal, Jefferson County Public Schools; and Scott U’Sellis, KY Department of Education.

2 PM: A World Café Session with The Audience on Cybersecurity Concerns and Considerations, with Facilitators — President of Aspectx and Executive Director of TALK, Dawn Yankeelov, and Daniel Spector, Principal, Simon Everett, Ltd. involved with the state’s 2017 Cyber Survey.

3 PM: Kevin Hofstra, Chief Technology Officer for Metova CyberCENTS, “Training the Next Generation Cyber Warrior: An Emulated, Realistic and Risk-Free Cyber Battlespace”

4 PM Remarks: Kentucky’s Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton: “Cybersecurity State Observations and the Importance of STEM.” Kevin Fields, Executive Director, “Embracing the Gigabit Experience and Other LCCC Plans.”

4:30 PM Cocktail Hour until 6:30 PM and then adjournment.

We owe Dawn Yankeelove of  AspectX and TALK as well as the attendees of the conference our gratitude for making the event a great success!


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