Professional Services


Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing  

PatchAdvisor will help you see your network the way a hacker does - as a series of opportunities waiting to be exploited. Our vulnerability assessment methodology, proprietary toolkit and unequaled expertise provide a more comprehensive assessment than the standard industry network vulnerability scan. Our experienced engineers understand how to exploit and leverage vulnerabilities on all networked systems. The result on most networks is that a single low rated vulnerability will lead us through the network to ultimately gain full administrative access across the enterprise.

We call this the "domino effect," and we have been using it to compromise networks for over a decade.

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Network Design / Review

PatchAdvisor offers product-independent network designs as well as design reviews of pre-deployment specifications and existing networks with an emphasis on potential vulnerabilities and network management shortfalls. PatchAdvisor consultants have extensive experience in local and wide-area network environments as well as a multitude of protocols, operating systems and applications. They can assist in the evaluation and deployment of security technologies such as firewalls and user authenticators. Through PatchAdvisor Architecture services, we can also address larger corporate security architecture issues, establishing the broad requirement within which the network must function.

Network Security Training

To assist organizations in improving security awareness, PatchAdvisor offers standard two-day lectures covering a broad spectrum of information security topics, which can be separated into awareness, principles and technical training. Appropriate levels of training in all three will help ensure that systems are operated in the most secure environment possible.

PatchAdvisor training sessions have been presented to a variety of government and commercial customers around the globe. Companies can also create their own seminar by choosing topics relevant to their computing environments or needs and can incorporate company-specific policies and practices for maximum effectiveness.

Source Code Review

When developing custom in-house software, consider having source code review as part of the development lifecycle. More than an automated analysis, PatchAdvisor’s source code review process will have our team work with yours to understand how the software should operate, the environment that will encompass the software and where boundaries should lie. Any issues we report will be organized by both likelihood and potential impact of exploitation, allowing your team to quickly direct their focus where it is needed most.