PatchAdvisor Partners With Netgate to Offer Internet Presence Vulnerability Assessments

Netgate has partnered with PatchAdvisor to offer the Internet Presence Vulnerability Assessment (IPVA) to Netgate customers wanting to ensure their network is safe from the evolving threats of the 21st century.

The IPVA is a quick and inexpensive way to determine the security posture of your organization’s Internet-facing hosts. Every node on the Internet is being constantly scanned and scrutinized by malicious actors. Through the use of automated exploit programs, these attackers are actively compromising systems to mine for valuable information, to seek a way into your private internal networks, or to add to their botnets. If your organization has any vulnerable services exposed to the Internet it is certain that they will eventually be exploited – if they haven’t been already. A single vulnerability can lead to total compromise of your network.

The Internet Presence Vulnerability Assessment is not a standard automated scanning service. An IPVA will provide peace of mind that your organization’s Internet presence has been thoroughly examined from a hacker’s perspective and is protected against the numerous threats that lurk on the other side of your firewall.

Your organization will receive the following as a part of the Internet Presence Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Complete vulnerability assessment of all externally facing IP addresses available over the Internet utilizing PatchAdvisor’s proprietary toolkit and professional individual analysis
  • A formal report detailing each service found on all IP addresses examined, including detail on what these services mean to your organization and the threat represented by their current configuration
  • Identification of all vulnerabilities on these available services including the severity and suggested remediation path for fixing any such issue
  • Highly experienced personnel will actively attempt to gain access to your infrastructure

The Netgate-PatchAdvisor partnership is dedicated to helping our customers enhance their network security postures at an affordable cost. PatchAdvisor provides unparalleled network security services drawing from their extensive experience in every industry sector, while Netgate provides exceptional and affordable security infrastructure and expert technical support. Our combined approach is a win for your organization. Should you need more information, Netgate and PatchAdvisor are ready to help.

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